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Which words does a telephone number hide? Try it!


Does this sound familiar? Numbers that you didn't remember when you needed them most: The PIN of the credit card. The phone number of the distant relative, it starts with a 5 … but then the other digits were …? To help you with this requirement of modern technology, 9toX generates mnemonic aids. The solution is mnemonic “numbers” or words, really, which are easy to remember. Type any number into the text box above to have 9toX show you the words hidden in the number.

How to remember a PIN

The idea of mnemonic numbers is simple. They originated with the telephone. When you press a dial key it generates a digit. But they keys can also generate letters. Numbers are made of digits and words are made of letters. By choosing a suitable letter in place of a digit, a telephone number can be written as a word. A word well chosen is easy to remember. The result is also known as a vanity number. You recall the word and reconstruct the digits. Mnemonic words help with all types of numbers. Cash dispensers, insurance cards, devices like cell phones or DVD recorders, they all require a PIN or some other string of digits every now and then. And don't forget your social security number. 9toX combines words from the digits of a number and displays the results. More about 9toX …

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